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Cecil Cottage  -  Forest Hill

The Client required more space in their dwelling.  They proposed to extend their kitchen and indirectly creating more space.  The challenge before starting was a large opening or well that was found within the line of the proposed foundations.  As a solution we designed the floor to be a two was spanning floor slab that would cantilever over the wall area and support new walls of the building.

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Grove Road  -  Royal Tunbridge Wells

The client desired additional space in his apartment and hence wanted to convert his loft to become the new master bedroom, in this way maximizing all the available space. We produced an extensive structural design for his loft conversion and provided a report which was submitted to building regulations for approval. Our design took into account the fact that a structural I beam would have to be spiced in order to get it to the apartment (note, top flat on 3 storey building).

South Field

The client wanted to remove a partition dividing his living room with his kitchen. After an investigation we established that the partition was indeed load bearing. After careful considerations we proposed our client triple the floor joist resting on the partition in order to cope with the new lengthened span and the loads applied from above. We also established the increased load to the foundations at different points. In this case we discovered the addition was less than 3% hence we felt the existing foundations were not to be overwhelmed. We also provided our client with a report to submit to the building regulations for approval.

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Structural Design Projects