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Chevening House - Sevenoaks

The historic building, a library, needed refurbishment to bring it “back to life” so to speak. The refurbishment project involved replacing roof tiles. As a result a temporary roof was required to keep the elements out. In addition to this a loading bay was required to form an access platform to get tiles to place. Because of the overall layout of the building beams spanning great distances (nearly 8m) were required. On the one hand to provide an adequate support to lifts as well as support of return beams and finally support to the roof beams.

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Creek Road

The client needed a scaffold design for a proposed access scaffold with pedestrian protection at lower level for a multi storey building in Croydon. The main problem was to keep the store windows clear while supporting eight lifts. After the design we recommended twin 750mm alloy beams be used to span over the required spans and supported by twin standards on ether end. Because of the vast height of the building we recommended the ties of the building be placed more frequently than the norm stated in the code.

Creek 1.JPG

Cutty Sark

The client required numerous designs of all sizes. Ranging from small loading bays to large 80 meter long duo pitched roofs. Our involvement was quite significant as we had to advice the client in different meetings of the structural integrity of proposals.

Cutty 1.JPG Cutty 2.JPG Cutty 3.JPG Cutty 4.JPG Cutty 5.JPG Cutty 6.JPG Cutty 7.JPG Cutty 8.JPG

DLR Prince Regent

The project was to install new lift shaft at the station which was to house a new elevator to allow access for passengers to the bridge level. System scaffold was used in this case because of the ease of the installation. The potential difficulty was the restriction of exact dimensions required on system scaffold. As a result a mixture of tube and fitting and system scaffold was used. At the top of the scaffold a lifting beam was to be installed to lift steel work to the required height. The design had to take into account the slightly different consideration of system scaffold as well as the traditional tube and fitting.

DLR Prince 1.JPG DLR Prince 2.JPG DLR Prince 3.JPG DLR Prince 4.JPG

Kings Cross

The client needed various scaffold designs raging from protection scaffold, access scaffolds to loading bays. Each design had to be double checked in house as well as external independent companies, and each design signed off.

King X 1.JPG King X 2.JPG

Marlowe Theatre

The client required a birdcage scaffold. The design was to take into account access to steel work as well as lengthy span from stage to seating using scaffolding alloy beams.

Marlowe 1.JPG Marlowe 2.JPG Marlowe 3.JPG Marlowe 4.JPG

Princes Gate Mews

The job in hand was to refurbish and change interior layouts of the build. In addition to this an additional dwelling/room on the existing roof level was to be added. In order to prevent the structure from being exposed to the element a temporary roof was proposed. The structure was wedged between the neighbouring buildings (terrenes flats), because of the alterations temporary props where required to prevent the two party walls from caving in. The design had to take into account the strategic positioning of the props and the wind factors the temporary roof was to be exposed to.

Princess Gate 1.JPG Princess Gate 2.JPG Princess Gate 4.JPG

Roke Farm

The client required a raking shore scaffold to prevent the existing wall from caving in as the whole barn gets lifted to replace foundations in preparation to renovation. The scaffold tubes where to be placed through ready made holes in the walls and be pulled back by tubes within the barn. The design showed that quite a sizable kentledge was required by bay (over a ton per bay).

Roke Farm 1.JPG Roke Farm 2.JPG

Tottenham Court

The client required various scaffold designs as the project progressed. This included access scaffolds hanging off of steel beams with couplers with restricted loading and places to tie for wind resistance, temporary fire escape staircases and access scaffolds with protective platforms at lower level spanning over one of the busiest streets in the U.K.

Tottenham Road 1.JPG Tottenham Road 2.JPG Tottenham Road 3.JPG


The client proposed two separate temporary roofs of identical dimension in plan but different in height in order to provide protection from the weather while renovating the first floor and replacing the roof. We designed a mono-pitched roof and recommended that they tied into the building (after showing the cost implications of having a free standing scaffold and the restriction of space at the rear of the building not allowing room for a meaningful buttress). We produced the drawings to go with the supporting calculations.

Weybridge 3.JPG Weybridge 4.JPG

Temporary Structure Projects