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Q: I would like to knock down a wall, can you tell me how much you would charge for the     beam calculations?

A: The whole purpose of beam calculation is to justify that the beam can carry the loads subjected to it, in order for us to do this we need to know exactly what needs to be supported. Usually a site visit is required but if there is clear information is given, such as drawings and general structural information a site visit might not be required. The cost depends on how long we envisage the design would take to be done. A price is usually given before work is carried out.

Q: Which scaffolds needs design?

A: Due to a recent change in legislation scaffolding erectors are expected to provide evidence in the form of a design and drawings that the scaffold is structurally viable before work commences, unless it is straightforward. As a result we have had a substantial increase in our work load. Despite this, we have managed to keep the average project turn around period to a week.

Q: How long will you take to do the design?

A: This will depend on the size of the job and our workload. On average our turnaround period is a week. With more complex jobs this may be more.

Q: We have already built a scaffold, but my client says we need to a design, can you help?

A: We would be more than happy to help. We would probably need to come to site in order to  produce "as built" drawings and base our designs on this. Any modifications will be  highlighted and brought to your attention.